Welcome to OpenDance!

Feature Details

OpenDance has a rich and flexible feature set that is unachieveable by most any build-your-own registration system. Let's highlight a few of the features.

Fully Functional Website

  • Unlimited Content Pages
  • Built using a Basic Page Editor
  • Developers: Build Page Content in HTML for advanced formatting.

Take payment directly

  • PayPal, Dwolla, and soon Stripe.
  • Never wait for us to cut you a check.
  • All user payments go instantly to your financial accounts.

Make it Yours

  • Upload Event Banner and Logo
  • Choose 4 Theme Colors
  • Advanced Styling availabe through linked CSS Stylesheet
  • Your own address: yourevent.open-dance.net

Advanced Product Control

Products can be more than just tickets: they are highly customizeable and can adapt into almost any pricing schedule. Below is a summary of product setup options.

Products (Event Tickets, Merchandise, etc)

  • Inventory & Date Availability Control
  • Unlimited Price Points for each product
  • Unlimited Hidden, Code-protected Discount Price Points
  • Custom Fields to collect information from user (ie: T-Shirt Size)
  • Option to allow only 1 price point to be available at a time
  • Upload Images
  • Option for User-set Pricing (Ideal for donations)


  • Specific Values
  • Apply to any event product, specific products, or groups of products.

Product Bundles

  • Bundle multiple products together.
  • Code-protected
  • Can include specially-priced items for easy discounts, etc.

Custom Forms

  • Collect only the data you want.
  • Collect all the data you want.
  • Spread collection amongst multiple pages
  • Require Form Pages to be completed
  • Create up to 10 custom fields

Multiple Events

  • Choose your address yourevent.open-dance.net
  • Multiple Events can sit under the same subdomain to make it more memorable
  • Choose event to load by default