Welcome to OpenDance!

Who is OpenDance?

The first lines of OpenDance were written during a cold day in January of 2011 in Chicago, IL. What you are looking at is the result of a very large number of hours of coding and scheming by Will Newby and Jamison Valenta.

Will and Jamison chilling

Will Newby - Will is the founder and original programmer of OpenDance. He wrote an application to manage registration for a national-level exchange after running registration for CUBE in 2010. Then he shared his idea with Jamison, who suggested it be rewritten to handle multiple exchanges simultaneously, the result of that union stands before you today. Will comes from a networking and server administration background, so naturally he handles database and server administration, event instancing, security, archiving and fun. Dude is also in charge of finding new technologies to implement into OD and bugging Jamison about implementing them . . .tomorrow.

Jamison Valenta - Jamison joined the OpenDance team as the HTML/CSS stylist. Within a week or two he convinced Will to take OD a whole new level - to be an almost completely dynamic based on event. Over 1000 hours [and counting] of coding later, Jamison was astonished when OD popped out! Oops. Currently, Jamison does most of the front-and-back end development, graphic design, UI/UX, and the "black-magic" [coined by Will] php programming that powers OD. He is also the provider of healthy snacks and from-scratch meals during day-long coding sessions.